a wizard’s work is never done

The mirror returned to Castle Jarond, but more cautiously than it had at Elenor. It slowly glided through the hole it had already made and landed softly on the library floor. Jarond stepped out of it, glad that this adventure was over. He gave himself a stretch, arms reaching high, head tilted back. Opening his eyes, he noticed the holes in the ceiling. Oh yeah, I got to fix those, he said to himself. Well, as long as his arms were up, he flexed his fingers and reached out with some magik. The pieces of wood and tiles that made up that part of the roof, wherever they flew to, began to tremble, then flew into the air, reassembling back into the roof, until it was fixed like it never happened.  There, a full days work and it wasn’t even noon yet. 

Oh wait, I’ve got to tell the maids about our trip to Elenor. And I’ve got to teach them to ride a horse. And I guess now I’ll need a proper stable. And I was doing something in here, I wish I could remember what it was. If it weren’t for those buffoons charging in here. Just when I thought I was done. Oh well, back to it.

So with a dusting of his hands he headed for the door to look for the girls and to see his new horses.

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