arid testimony

We went to the bar…

We went to the bar because why not? We were looking to be inconspicuous, but a few rounds blew that out the window. We tried to hide, but trouble kicked in the door, all 6’6” of him. We made a promise that day: never again try to cheat the wrong person.

The phone rang.

Bradley answered it, hoping it was his mother telling him she was on her way home. “Hello” he said into the phone. “Bradley, it’s me.” Yes, thought Bradley. “I’m going to be late, I just picked up a shift at the diner.” No! Bradley thought. “But mom, me and the guys were going to theContinue reading “The phone rang.”

Georgie, Bradley, Todd and Wally hid behind the store, waiting for impetus.

“Look Georgie” said Bradley. “You go in and we’ll follow you. Go back to the fridge and  grab a couple of 40’s. We’ll distract the guy at the counter. We’ve done this so many times, why are you being a bitch about this now?” “Dude, don’t call me a bitch.” “Then do it” said Wally.Continue reading “Georgie, Bradley, Todd and Wally hid behind the store, waiting for impetus.”

a quickie

The evening waned in colors only the sky could make. The sun, low enough to light the undersides of clouds, hovered just over the horizon. Reds and blues and golds streaked everywhere, making the scene look like a watercolor abstraction. My wife and I sat on the porch and marveled.

pumpkin spice

Teddy entered the cafe and grimaced. He didn’t like pumpkin spice, and here it was on full display. From the pumpkin-spiced lattes to the pumpkin-spiced doughnuts. He stepped to the counter and ordered green tea. It was then that he noticed his co-worker had beaten him there. Charles saw him and waved him over. TeddyContinue reading “pumpkin spice”

She was in love…

…but not with her husband. He knew it too, and instead of raging like a lunatic, he let it smolder within him. She tried to lie about it, but her eyes gave her away. Those same eyes that said “I do.” That’s what he couldn’t fathom. He poured everything into their marriage, every dime, everyContinue reading “She was in love…”

Here we are…

…another Friday. Ahhh, the weekend. A time for revelry, to slough off the week of work, annoying co-workers, and endless demands. Time to kick off your shoes and dance in your underwear. Then go out and drink til you’re in a better state. Good times ahead, bad times behind you. Let’s GO! Oh, right, mostContinue reading “Here we are…”

The Biz

Just got the new business up and running, and I can’t wait to be rolling in cash. Well, maybe not rolling. One can hope for the best. This shutdown is still holding things up, but I’m hoping for the best. Photography really is a passion for me. I used to do some really cool stuffContinue reading “The Biz”

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