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My apologies!

If you’ve been staying tuned you noticed that I’ve been writing out a story. Every Tuesday and every Friday a new passage would come out to delight those who yearn for days of yore. And yes, I know how corny that sounds. I’ve come to a part that I thought would write itself, yet itContinue reading “My apologies!”

The soldiers, four of them led their horses to the house and stopped.

They wore chain mail hauberks over their dark green tunics, with wide leather belts that held their scabbards for swords and knives, dark green capes with the king’s emblem on them, the shiniest of metal greaves that led to their just as shiny armored boots, and shiny metal gauntlets. They were striking figures, even withoutContinue reading “The soldiers, four of them led their horses to the house and stopped.”

Are we there yet?

That was the age old question. She asked it of her parents when she was a kid. Now she’s the adult, and the baton has officially been passed. It was mid-day as they made their way down the highway, a perfect day for a drive. Marie looked in the rear-view mirror at her son Elliott,Continue reading “Are we there yet?”

I want to write

I want to write.  I need to write. I need to let the words inside of me be free. So that I can be, and be me, be heard, or read (read?). But I have obligations. Obligations keeping me doowwnnn, maaaan! Holding me back, holding me up! Keeping me from being the coolest me IContinue reading “I want to write”


I forgot I have a blog to keep up with. I’m presently focusing on a photo project, too focused. But tomorrow’s the big day! I’ve got a lot of work to do and I only have the day. For context, it’s a nude shoot. Now you would think how hard can that be? It’s hard.Continue reading “Crap!!!”

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