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So are we going?

Yes, just give me a minute. Do we have to go? For the last time, yes. You know this is important to her. And you know she hates me. Look, I know she’s opinionated. But this is kind of an obligation. I swear, we’ll go, say happy birthday and leave as soon as possible. ExceptContinue reading “So are we going?”

The other day…

…I started a story by starting with the beginning of a joke. I was having a problem with what to write about and I decided to follow the old adage “The only way to write is to write”. It worked out well; I wound up in the top ten of a contest. It’d be niceContinue reading “The other day…”

So it’s set.

Next week is my mother’s funeral. I’ve been mourning for the past two weeks and I’m ready to move on. But that can’t happen until next week. I love my mother and hopes she found peace. I can’t until the funeral. I don’t know what hurts more, her passing or having it drag out forContinue reading “So it’s set.”

I think I should apologize.

I seem to be on a rant. My mother’s death is bringing up some emotions that are not conducive to a healthy mindset. I’m going to work on that.

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