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Last post I told you I was shooting again. Here are some of the shots. Man, it feels good to be behind the camera again. I thought it would never happen for a while there. This corona virus has pretty much killed my business. This is also the second time President Trump was directly responsibleContinue reading “Photos!!!”

So there I was…

This phrase really works for me when I’m telling a story. Sometimes I ‘ll be asked to relate a story about what I did over the weekend or how was my trip or even something in the past. Or people just want to be nosy and all up in my business. Mom times I comeContinue reading “So there I was…”

Good times

I’m moving ahead with my novel, so life is good. It’s coming about, but I know I have a lot of editing to do. So I’m writing it quickly so that it’ll be ready for the next phase. Maybe this is the wrong way to write a novel, but I find that ideas come fasterContinue reading “Good times”


I meant to be more consistent with my posts. What did I say, Tuesdays and Fridays? And there I go, missing Tuesday. You should all be very disappointed in me. Slap my wrist or something. I’m not even going to say I’ve been busy. It was my own fault. That being said… So I’m workingContinue reading “Ooops!”

I know, I’m sorry

To write a blog one must be consistent, and I haven’t been. I have no excuse, and I’ll do my best not to let it happen again. In fact, I’m dedicating ever Tuesday andFriday to posting, whether I have something to say or not. The reason I haven’t been is because I got wrapped upContinue reading “I know, I’m sorry”

And now it begins.

The dreaded search to publish my book. I, a brand-spanking new author, look to become read, maybe make some money. I don’t want to become rich, I want to make a steady living from this. If I can do that I’ll be happy. Then I can move on from where I am to something better.Continue reading “And now it begins.”

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