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I finished my book.

Last week in fact. I was so happy. I added some dialog, fixed my flow, changed a few run-on’s, deleted parts, added parts, and now I’m done. I’ve never been more thrilled at anything before. So proud of myself. Then I re-read it. And re-read it again. And again and again. Four times, I re-readContinue reading “I finished my book.”

Uh oh!

My characters are coming to life. Not what I expected. I’m trying to get through this novel re-write when all of a sudden my characters got into an argument. I didn’t plan on it, but now that my characters have more depth, things got out of hand. They’re coming to life in a way IContinue reading “Uh oh!”

Another quickie

Now I add them to the top of the page, duh! Took me so long to figure that out. Anyway, today’s post will be brief. I finished those cheerleader photos, and if you’re nice I’ll show you one. What the hell, you know me, I love showing off pictures. But just one, legally they’re notContinue reading “Another quickie”

Ughh, what a day.

So I’m trying to be a writer, focusing and honing my craft. A friend comes by and reminds me I’m also a photographer. I’m like, Duh! And she’s like , “Cool, you can come and take pictures of these gorgeous cheerleaders.” And I’m like, “What? I have more important things to do. I’ve got toContinue reading “Ughh, what a day.”

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