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I’m so excited!

Yesterday I self published my first book. I have no idea how it’s going to do, but I took the first step into being a real author. Of course it doesn’t make me real until I sell my first copy, but still!!! I’m feeling a little giddy about this. I put my baby into theContinue reading “I’m so excited!”

He could feel beads of perspiration form on his forehead as he slowly…

…drew a block from the Jenga tower. He wanted to win so bad, and this time after so many weeks of playing against Carl he felt like he had a chance. He hated when Carl, after yet another victory, would prance around the dorm room while calling everyone a loser. Jen would just shrug itContinue reading “He could feel beads of perspiration form on his forehead as he slowly…”

What if…?

What if she doesn’t remember you,? What if she does, but only as a passing fancy? What if she’s dead? What if she’s in a committed relationship? What if she’s not in the country? What if her feelings about you have changed? What if she’s not interested? What if she has different feelings? What ifContinue reading “What if…?”

So are we going?

Yes, just give me a minute. Do we have to go? For the last time, yes. You know this is important to her. And you know she hates me. Look, I know she’s opinionated. But this is kind of an obligation. I swear, we’ll go, say happy birthday and leave as soon as possible. ExceptContinue reading “So are we going?”

The other day…

…I started a story by starting with the beginning of a joke. I was having a problem with what to write about and I decided to follow the old adage “The only way to write is to write”. It worked out well; I wound up in the top ten of a contest. It’d be niceContinue reading “The other day…”

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