Double Occultation!

No, it’s not some double whammy cult thing. It’s about a stellar event that I missed, but it’s not my fault. The fact that I couldn’t see it has vexed me so, but there was nothing for it. Unless you were in orbit looking out a window, gazing at the heavens in a way weContinue reading “Double Occultation!”

The Ride

He stared absently out of the window from the backseat of the car as it crept through the city traffic. The billboard lights and neon signs pasted colors on his face, exposing his innermost thoughts and feelings. These hues defined his sense of anger, sorrow, and most of all, envy. The city streets opened upContinue reading “The Ride”

More three step flash fiction

No one knew there was a flaw. They admired the piece for what it was, perfectly un-perfect. The artist tried to hide the anger welling up, covering it with a look of aloofness, like it was just another day. It would be remembered as the artist’s greatest piece regardless. The doors opened and the crowedContinue reading “More three step flash fiction”

Flash Fiction…in three steps

The trick here is three flash fiction pieces that stand alone, or together. In which case the order they appear in doesn’t matter. “Join my respite from these wretched fools” he said. “But they are me, and I can’t deny them” she replied. “Then you are doomed for their wretched pride” he cried. “Though IContinue reading “Flash Fiction…in three steps”

100 Word Flash Fiction…in 5 parts

Saturday night and the local bar, the popular one, was jumping. Looking through the large pane windows you could see that it could accommodate dozens. The lights were low in the peach and blue room but the energy was high as waitresses flew. There were people laughing and drinking at the tables in front ofContinue reading “100 Word Flash Fiction…in 5 parts”