…I started this to improve my writing, then I run dry. What the hell? I’m actually working on a tale right now, but then things started happening, I went from here to there, different projects came up, and now I go back to it and….nothing. Maybe I should go back to sleep. I get my best ideas in my dreams. In fact, once I had a dream about a halloween show, from beginning to end, all worked out. All I need is a cast, a stage, and a few props. Oh, and audio, lighting, a small band, a couple of flash pots, and an audience. Not much. But now that I think of it, I haven’t been sleeping well lately, perhaps that’s the problem. I can’t even think of a way to end this little post. I know the stories are in me, I just have to bring them to the surface. I’ll have to dig, deeper than I’ve ever dug. Or I could meditate. Or go back to bed, all viable options. I’ll come up with something, I swear, and if you’re patient with me, you will be entertained, and you’ll want more. I need this more than you know. It’s important to me. It’s my outlet, my stress reliever, and in a lot of ways my real home. So wipe your feet when you come in, and i’ll make sure it’s a home worth visiting. That’s my promise to you. This has helped, getting this all out. I can feel myself opening up, loosening, up, flexing my mental muscles, getting a good stretch. I need to get back to work. Stay tuned!

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