I’ve been going off topic lately.

This is supposed to be stories that arise from my twisted imagination. I’ve been distracted by circumstance. I will get back on track. Perhaps I’ll continue the story I started. I know I said I may save it for later publication, but it’s like that saying, “finish what you started”. I will, but I haveContinue reading “I’ve been going off topic lately.”

Why don’t you communicate with the family?

– I don’t know. Why didn’t you ask me if I had any pictures of her? -I didn’t think you had any. -Me, the photographer, with two cameras and all the photo-editing software you could ask for, not have any decent photos? Like that one I sent you although I had to find out fromContinue reading “Why don’t you communicate with the family?”

I don’t trust you anymore…

…she said as she aimed the gun at his heart. That dirty lying heart he said he had given her. “Please, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean for it to happen.” “But it did” she screamed. “It happened and I hate you!” “But I love you” he said with all the sincerity he could muster. “IfContinue reading “I don’t trust you anymore…”