I’ve been directed to use writing prompts to help direct my writing., just one word prompts to help get my creative juices flowing. There’s this list of them, so I’m thinking, why not? The first word on the list is “messy”. What?! What am I supposed to write about that? I thought about it for a while, a few days actually, and all I could come up with is something more like a poem than a story. What the hell, I’ll try anything once. So here it is! Enjoy?

Messy is the drama that comes with living a life.
Messy are friends, family, co-workers, acquaintances.
Messy are the contradictions and the double-standards.
Messy are the Beliefs people hold dear.
Messy are the biases, the loyalties, the ambivalence.
Messy are the things we tell ourselves to hide from the truth.
Messy are the things we tell others to fit in.
Messy is Love and Hate, Joy and Pain.
Messy is Knowledge, wrapped in certitude.
Messy is lack of Knowledge, also wrapped in certitude.
Messy are the grey areas, that are used to justify the un-justifiable.
Messy is Justice, not as blind as we thought.
Messy is the man who wants what he wants.
Messy is the woman who has nothing left to give.
Messy are children, because they're kids.
Messy are relationships, just cuz.
Messy is being alone, so alone.
Messy is the phrase "Life sucks!"
Let's clean that one up. It should be "People Suck!"
That's better.

Not my best work, but I’m tryin’.

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