I’m an ass!

If you’re a fan you’ll remember how I lamented not having any ideas. But no sooner than I post that, I come up with three. One was an earlier idea I had from long ago (who needs notes). One was a sort of fantasy I had with the school principal. It started as a fantasy, next thing I know my characters have a back story. Next they have a future. There are certain events that happen, and it all ends the way it’s supposed to. But I have to warn you, it’s pretty bawdy (I said bawdy [giggle!]). And it’s embarrassing because it’s a fantasy I had, but now it’s grown legs and wants to walk. Go figure. And don’t laugh.

The third is a book I’m writing (because, c’mon!) That one will take some time, and I hope I get it right (wink wink [private joke]).

Anyway, so I spend time with one, move on to the other, and then the third. I was dividing my time between the three so much I wasn’t getting one thing done. So I had to stop myself and focus on one. The book is going to take time so that can wait. And the fantasy, well, I’ll try to work up myself and feel around it, poking and prodding here and there, squeezing, caressing, stroking, whipping, seeing what I can get away with next.

And I guess all I had was a mild case of writer’s block. I guess I had it bottled up somewhere and making that last post was like pulling the plug. I mean three stories at the same time! How often does that happen? I’m glad I stopped myself from running rampant. Turns out when you try to do too many things at the same time you can’t get any of them done. At least I got a good start with them. It’ll be good to get those out, but all in good time.

Anyway, there it is. I’m an ass for complaining, and I freely admit it. Don’t hold it against me.

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