You know what?

I heard that if you write something everyday, that will help make you a better writer. Just a little bit, something, anything for that matter, like this blog. I’m writing something right now, and you didn’t even know it. That’s ok, I’m wily like that. Don’t be offended.

The only way to learn something is to practice. Therefore I will be practicing a lot more, even if it’s to write this nonsense. I need to get used to it. “Once a day…” as someone puts it. S o expect to see more of these. That means I will be splitting my time between this and actual writing.

But then again, isn’t that why I started this in the first place? Maybe I just didn’t see it as a new beginning. Perhaps I thought this was a money-making puff piece. Or maybe I want to leave this so that somebody will know I exist(ed). I’d like to think that I’m aware of my motivations, but they seem far away now. Now I’m into it like I’ve never been. It’s kind of weird the way that worked out.

So I have my laptop and I have my desktop and I write on both. It’s fun, kills time, and lets my mind wander. I’ve had more ideas lately, and I wish I could at least write them down before I forget them. Yeah, I’ll have to work on that. Anyway, expect to see more posts. Peace!

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