So now I have to make my characters talk to each other.

What’s up with that? Okay, of course they must converse, to trade feelings, ideas, to get a message across, or have a heart to heart. But it’s like, as you write, you have to remember who’s talking, why would this person say that, how would the other respond. You have to develop multiple personalities inside yourself, and somehow keep them from tripping over each other.

Easy, right? Maybe. I’m re-writing a story now that involves several conversations, a must to keep the story moving. Sometimes it seems to just flow. Sometimes I have to look at it and think, “would he actually say that?” Or even worse, “Are they speaking with the same voice?” One of the exercises I had to do with my writing course was to write up profiles of my characters. Quite honestly, it’s been a great help. It gave my characters more depth than I gave them credit for. And with that depth the conversations come about more naturally for the most part. So what if I’m feeling a little blocked right now, I know that once it starts flowing, I’ll be done in no time. In fact, I just now, right this second, got an idea. I need to write it down so I’ll leave you with this:

Like I said earlier, I’ve been doing these 50-word challenges. Just look in the menu for quickies as I’ve added a few more. I’m still on the fence about separating them into individual pages, which means you’ll have to scroll all the way to the bottom if you want to see what’s recent. Maybe I can reverse the time input to make them appear at the top, but I’ll figure that out later. As for now, TTFN!

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