So is it time for me to define my writing style?

I find that I like to write straight-forwardly (is that a word?), in that I write the way I would speak, or think. I don’t know if that’s a valid style or not, but I like it. I also find I like to write conversations in a screenplay-ish manner, i guess. for example:

-We’re going to see that movie. You comin’?
-Oh yeah, I would love to go see a movie full of lights and sounds and pretty pictures even though it’s telling a story I’ve heard before, many, many times. Nevermind that I already know the story from start to finish, I won’t be bored at all. Let’s go!
-Or, you could’ve just said “no”.
-Yeah, but where’s the fun in that?

Is that cool? I don’t know but I will direct you to a story that I did like this. If it’s good, please tell me. If it’s not a valid way to write a story, please tell me that too. I won’t be hurt (I might shed a tear or two, but I’ll be okay). The point is I want to be better, but I can’t be better without input. Hopefully this input will help me with my style. Anyway, the tale is from the zombie apocalypse, and it’s the first one in a series. That’s right, a series. I have several more coming up, but for now click on the link, the one that says zombie apocalypse to see what I’m talking about.

So besides getting a kick out of creating links to stuff (zombie apocalypse), I’m going to sign off and consider where this path is leading me. One thing I will admit, as much as this writing thing is aggravating, frustrating, and a lot of hard work, forcing me to re-write over and over again, I like it. And even if I don’t become rich and famous, I’m going to keep doing it.

One more thing: zombie apocalypse.

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