Here we are…

…another Friday. Ahhh, the weekend. A time for revelry, to slough off the week of work, annoying co-workers, and endless demands. Time to kick off your shoes and dance in your underwear. Then go out and drink til you’re in a better state. Good times ahead, bad times behind you. Let’s GO!

Oh, right, most of you haven’t been to work lately, so the weekend seems a bit, depressing. Me, I don’t even know what the weekend means anymore. I used to work freelance, then when the virus hit I lost so many jobs. But besides that, working freelance makes you forget about holidays, let alone weekends. People would remind me that, say, the Fourth of July is coming and I’d be, “Already? When did that happen?” It’s the kind of job where you pick your own hours and wait to be called for work, leaving you plenty of time to lose track of days, holidays, weekends, anniversaries, etc. It’s good work, but it doesn’t lend itself to having a proper social life. Work comes and you get it, or don’t pay the rent. When you’re done you can hit the bar knowing that everyone else is at work. It can be lonely at times, but others, especially if your friends are also freelancers, it can be the best thing. Imagine going to an amusement park on a Wednesday, when everyone else is at work. You can hit all of the rides with no wait times! That’s so cool.

But enough about me (What do YOU think of me? Ha ha, get it?). I hope you can enjoy the weekend, even through the lockdown. Just because you’re stuck at home doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourselves. Perhaps you can make a play-date for your selves and a few friends. Nothing screams GOOD TIMES like a backyard barbecue. Or maybe some fishing. I know, I’m fishing for positive things to say, but I mean it. Especially after hearing the news this morning. Without getting political, let’s just say that poetic justice is a good thing. So try to relax, find fun in what you’re doing and who you’re with, and have a drink on me.

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