I’ve been going off topic lately.

This is supposed to be stories that arise from my twisted imagination. I’ve been distracted by circumstance. I will get back on track. Perhaps I’ll continue the story I started. I know I said I may save it for later publication, but it’s like that saying, “finish what you started”. I will, but I have to work on my characters and there’s a lot of them. A worthy challenge, and it’ll also be cathartic, I guess.

By the way, the other day I watched the movie mother! I’m still thinking about it. I guess that was the idea, a movie that will make you contemplate. It worked in that regard. After watching this allegorical vehicle I looked it up to see what it was I was watching. Some of it I got later in the movie, I just needed help with the other stuff. If you’ve never seen it I recommend it. If allegory isn’t your thing, don’t. It will leave you wondering. What I really found interesting was the way humanity devolved into chaos. It was then that I began to understand the movie, which happens towards the end. All in all, good movie and I need to watch it again.

Well ttfn. Until next time.

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