He could feel beads of perspiration form on his forehead as he slowly…

…drew a block from the Jenga tower. He wanted to win so bad, and this time after so many weeks of playing against Carl he felt like he had a chance. He hated when Carl, after yet another victory, would prance around the dorm room while calling everyone a loser. Jen would just shrug it off and Marcus would just laugh, although you could see that it bothered him too. This time he had a shot. If he could pull this off there would be no way Carl could win, and everyone knew it.

He almost had it out when suddenly in his right ear Carl shouted “Don’t mess up!” The sudden jolt made him jerk, not a lot, but enough to make the tower fall in a splash of blocks. “Jenga, I win again!” He began to laugh maniacally while all he could do was look at the rubble of blocks on the table. He was so close to pulling out a victory. So close to finally shutting Carl up.

Carl began his victory dance while everyone began to call him a cheater. He could only stare at the chaos. He was so close, and now instead of winning, of achieving a long sought after victory, instead he felt a slow anger build inside him.

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