Flash Fiction…in three steps

The trick here is three flash fiction pieces that stand alone, or together. In which case the order they appear in doesn’t matter.

“Join my respite from these wretched fools” he said.

“But they are me, and I can’t deny them” she replied.

“Then you are doomed for their wretched pride” he cried.

“Though I be doomed, I will still have hope” she replied.

“You will die, and I with you” he mourned.

They came and guided the new beings to live with nature. They led them through ceremony and nurturing and gathering and building. They gave them ideas and taught knowledge. The beings learned and then thanked the Gods, then tolerated them, then ignored them, until there was nothing left to worship.

They cried to their Gods. The wilderness was new and fearful and wonderful and scary. They lacked the knowledge and the skills to live off the land so they cried to their Gods “Please, guide us, show us the way to live in this new land we now call home”.

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