The Ride

He stared absently out of the window from the backseat of the car as it crept through the city traffic. The billboard lights and neon signs pasted colors on his face, exposing his innermost thoughts and feelings. These hues defined his sense of anger, sorrow, and most of all, envy.

The city streets opened up to the highway as the car moved gracefully through the interchange. Inside, the driver, a beacon of professionalism, was at one with the road. His passenger, however, allowed colors of emotion swirl inside him. Reds, blues, and greens all fought for dominance over his psyche. 

The car left the brightly lit highway onto a dark country road. The passenger felt better being in the dark, with the headlights being the only light source. The colors of emotions he enabled smoldered and settled into the black, leaving nothing but darkness inside the car and inside himself. 

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