Why don’t you communicate with the family?

– I don’t know. Why didn’t you ask me if I had any pictures of her? -I didn’t think you had any. -Me, the photographer, with two cameras and all the photo-editing software you could ask for, not have any decent photos? Like that one I sent you although I had to find out fromContinue reading “Why don’t you communicate with the family?”

I don’t trust you anymore…

…she said as she aimed the gun at his heart. That dirty lying heart he said he had given her. “Please, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean for it to happen.” “But it did” she screamed. “It happened and I hate you!” “But I love you” he said with all the sincerity he could muster. “IfContinue reading “I don’t trust you anymore…”

Here’s a sad story from when I was a kid

Back in my younger days, say about 11 years, my friends Bobby and Tedarell, whom we called Teddy, and I¬†would go exploring through the woods. Cuz that’s what kids do living in the country. School was out and the folks were at work, giving us plenty of time for whatever mischief we could get into.Continue reading “Here’s a sad story from when I was a kid”