A new one, and it’s not my best.

What I mean by that is it’s sad. During the editing process there were certain parts That stuck with me, but I’d rather talk about that later rather than putting out spoilers. Read it, tell me what you think, but don’t cry. You might get tears on your keyboard and screw it up. It’s calledContinue reading “A new one, and it’s not my best.”

Creativity isn’t easy

I know there are people out there that make a living from it. Writers, photographers, musicians, painters, glass makers, potters, cobblers, tailors, just about everyone who puts their personal stamp on anything. Some find creativity in their cupboard, a jar of mystery, a case of suspense, a tin of humor. So here I am tryingContinue reading “Creativity isn’t easy”

So , that coronavirus, am I right?

Remember when I said I was a photographer? Well I had to turn down a job the other day. It was a birthday party in a night club. That’s right, up all night in a night club at the height of coronavirus season. I had to bow out, as many theaters, arenas, schools, parks, andContinue reading “So , that coronavirus, am I right?”

Did I ever tell you I am a photographer?

Well, yeah. In fact every picture in my blog I shot.It’s a big deal for me. I did work professionally a while back, but that job died. I mean everyone died. Well, it was in New Jersey and moved to Texas, and not with the same staff. Anyway… So when you see an image onContinue reading “Did I ever tell you I am a photographer?”

Your work is Influenced…

I was looking through Reader and found a very interesting article by Paul Jun. Apparently one cannot describe oneself in simple terms, or one runs the risk of being boxed in, mis-labeled, apathetic, single-minded, or just in a really bad place, a bad place one has put oneself without even trying. In other words, oneContinue reading “Your work is Influenced…”