Keeping the momentum going!

I’m still writing, and still adding to this blog, dammit! Sometimes it’s hard as I sit here staring at a blank page, wondering what I should fill it with. Most times I get my best ideas being somewhere other than here. And of course I don’t write it down or record it on my phone,Continue reading “Keeping the momentum going!”

A new one, and it’s not my best.

What I mean by that is it’s sad. During the editing process there were certain parts That stuck with me, but I’d rather talk about that later rather than putting out spoilers. Read it, tell me what you think, but don’t cry. You might get tears on your keyboard and screw it up. It’s calledContinue reading “A new one, and it’s not my best.”

Alrighty then…

I’ve finally got my blog up to snuff. Well, I think I do, we’ll see what happens in the comments. Given that, here’s my first story. It’s pretty short, and involves a lot of confusion. And some blood. You know what, here’s some balloons to take with you. It’s not that I want to placateContinue reading “Alrighty then…”