Here’s a sad story from when I was a kid

Back in my younger days, say about 11 years, my friends Bobby and Tedarell, whom we called Teddy, and I¬†would go exploring through the woods. Cuz that’s what kids do living in the country. School was out and the folks were at work, giving us plenty of time for whatever mischief we could get into.Continue reading “Here’s a sad story from when I was a kid”

You know how you like zombies?

C’mon, who doesn’t like zombies. That whole end-of-the-world thing. Makes you shiver every time, especially when you read those stories about a Florida man eating peoples faces. Oh, you missed that one? Look it up, it’s kinda creepy. Anyway, my tale has a happy ending. Not like Zombieland (great movie by the way. The secondContinue reading “You know how you like zombies?”