Here’s a good story

This happened while I was in NYC. I’m just minding my business at work when a co-worker comes up to me and says he read in the paper how the shuttle Enterprise was coming to the Intrepid Museum on the west side of Manhattan. While it was coming it would do a fly-by over theContinue reading “Here’s a good story”

…and I’m still not done.

I don’t know how many of you are photographers, but if you are, and mean commercial photographers, then you know how I feel. When I took those cheerleader photos, I don’t just take one photo and switch to another pose. I take several. This is important, especially when I’m doing groups. In every group there’sContinue reading “…and I’m still not done.”

Ughh, what a day.

So I’m trying to be a writer, focusing and honing my craft. A friend comes by and reminds me I’m also a photographer. I’m like, Duh! And she’s like , “Cool, you can come and take pictures of these gorgeous cheerleaders.” And I’m like, “What? I have more important things to do. I’ve got toContinue reading “Ughh, what a day.”

So , that coronavirus, am I right?

Remember when I said I was a photographer? Well I had to turn down a job the other day. It was a birthday party in a night club. That’s right, up all night in a night club at the height of coronavirus season. I had to bow out, as many theaters, arenas, schools, parks, andContinue reading “So , that coronavirus, am I right?”

Did I ever tell you I am a photographer?

Well, yeah. In fact every picture in my blog I shot.It’s a big deal for me. I did work professionally a while back, but that job died. I mean everyone died. Well, it was in New Jersey and moved to Texas, and not with the same staff. Anyway… So when you see an image onContinue reading “Did I ever tell you I am a photographer?”