Where’s the new post?

I know, I know, I’m supposed to do new posts every other day. I got caught up on a new story. And when I say caught up, I mean agonizing, struggling, rewriting, editing, more agonizing, pulling my hair out, whatever I have to do to get it right. You’d think I was writing a novel. Well the good news is I’m almost done. Just one more day, period. I need to get it out there cuz, I don’t know, I just do. Anyway…….

By the way, I’m also a photographer. That means every picture you see on my pages was taken by me. I’m actually pretty good, or so my friends tell me. And I’m part of a new business, so if you live in the Tampa area and you need a photographer, I’m your guy. Check out my gallery, cliffhenderson.pics, you’ll see some pretty cool stuff. And if you like it, drop me a line. Guaranteed, you’ll like it.

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