Yay! I finished!

If you didn’t know, I just finished a creative writing course. Yay! It’s been a while since I wrote on my blog, mostly because of that. They made me do all kinds of exercises to stretch my mental abilities, all of which has made me a better writer, I think. I hope. I am gosh darnit (I said gosh darnit. Funny, right?).

So now I’m in the process of re-writing a book. Not the whole thing, just the parts that don’t quite flow, or leave you wondering why I got to one point or another so fast without informing you of the character’s motivation. It’s funny, I recently read a book that was written poorly, yet made it to the top spot in sales. I never want to write a book like that, but does it matter?

It was full of sci-fi references, fun, excitement, and had an easy going pace about it although the situation called for a more serious tone. It was also full of spelling mistakes, visualizations, order, and sense. It actually pissed me off that not only was this a popular book, but another book by the same author became a movie! I’ve seen better writing in comic books, but here’s this guy making movies.

Enough of my rant. My course is done and I’m better for it. I’m going to look through my stories and make them better. And all of my future work will be better. Better to make myself better than to worry how others are doing whatever they’re doing. So keep your eyes open for more input from me on this blog. I’m back baby, and I’m hitting the ground running. Yee haw!!!

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