Last post I told you I was shooting again. Here are some of the shots.

I don’t know why this one is blurry. Must be something with the site.

Man, it feels good to be behind the camera again. I thought it would never happen for a while there. This corona virus has pretty much killed my business. This is also the second time President Trump was directly responsible for me losing my job. Not indirectly, like when the last Presidential. Bush went to war with Iraq and then gas prices rose. I mean directly. I don’t like to get political, but because he practically let the virus into the country I’ve been house-bound for too long. My brand new business, one that was about to start, stopped.

As for the first time, he’s the one who started ICE. I was working in a warehouse for a furniture company, taking pictures of their stock to go on their website. Next thing I know ICE comes rolling in and takes half the staff away in cuffs, which means the people I needed to help move the furniture around were gone. And before you think “Well that’s good for them, they shouldn’t have been here in the first place taking our jobs”, all of those jobs became available. No one took them, leaving the company no other option but to move to Texas. Which means the rest of the staff also lost their jobs, which includes Shift Leaders, Supervisors, Managers, Dispatchers, Drivers, and even some Middle Management. All of these people Americans, all without a job.

As you can see, I’m a little bitter about this turn of events. I try not to get political, and in this case I didn’t, because I didn’t give an opinion, I simply related events as they happened. The reason I’m in Florida is because of losing the first job, and the moment I get ready to start a new career, I loose that too. Makes me pine for the days of Pres. Bush. At least then I was still working.

But I digress. Please don’t hold my bitterness against me, and enjoy the pictures. I did them in my nephews driveway, creating a studio look without the studio. Cool, right? Hopefully I can do more. Yes, one can hope.

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