Sorry I’m late

I’ve been working on a book and doing photography and now I’ve got a new job and dealing with my ailing mother and fighting with my sister and trying to keep my motor scooter running and so many other things and it’s eating up so much of my time. And now I’m late for work because the bus ran late which is why I can write this now.

It’s frustrating doing all of this in the limited amount of time a day holds. And as I’m getting no support from the people around me it’s that much harder. Add to that that I don’t want to be a burden and I’m trying to save up for a car.

But is my life hard? Considering all of the people in the world who has it worse than me then the answer is no. Perhaps that now that I have all of these things thrust on me then maybe I see it as hard. I’ll survive. I have a roof over my head so I’ll be ok.

I just wish I had more time. Do they sell time at walmart?

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