You may have noticed…

…that I started telling a story in my earlier posts. I have to stop for a bit as theirs quite a bit of character development I have to do. If you’re like me you would have any new story idea completely written out in your head. And therein lies the problem. This tale has become an epic adventure with my lead character traveling far and wide, and where he winds up there are a vast number of characters for him to interact with. He even learns new things about himself, how far he would go in some situations, he learns about trust, love, war, family. It’s just too much for posts, unless I section them out, but still it’s a bit ambitious.

I’m going to write a few short stories in the meantime. Anything to keep writing. I’ve got one at home right now that I’m going to post later. It was a contest entry and all I was really hoping for was to make the top ten, which I did. After that people got to vote for the next round, which I didn’t make. It seems people like to read high drama. Folks dying slowly or expressing infinite love or stuff like that. Not really my style.

The funny thing about my entry was I didn’t know what to write at first. Then I remembered the old adage “if you want to write then just start writing”. I put that into practice by starting with a joke: “A man walks into a bar…” The rest took off from there. So not only did the old adage work but I made the top ten. Woo hoo!

The story is about a man who is looking to disappear. He finds his cave in a bar with others who are doing the same. He begins to blend in with the woodwork but remembers a few obligations. He vows to return and leaves, knowing he has found his new home. It’s a good story, at least I think so. And so do a bunch of other people so there must be something to it. If you wish after I post leave a comment. Good or bad, I don’t care.

So until next time. Enjoy your day. Unless you’re in florida getting rained on right now. Then stay dry.

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