When it rains…

…your scooter stops running. I have a 150cc motor scooter and had the misfortune of having to ride it in the rain. Not that I wanted to, florida weather is completely unpredictable and localized. There I was with a choice: the road ahead was clear and would have gotten me home in due time, but the road to my left was the faster route. I chose left, and into the storm. I didn’t get a quarter of a mile before I was completely soaked. Another half mile I was under an underpass. 10 minutes later the scooter quit. That was a week ago.

I’m trying to fix it now, but tomorrow we have a tropical storm coming in. Now I’m wondering if all of my tinkering will be for naught. But still I have to try. Cuz that’s what people do. Wish me luck.

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