I don’t trust you anymore…

…she said as she aimed the gun at his heart. That dirty lying heart he said he had given her.

“Please, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean for it to happen.”

“But it did” she screamed. “It happened and I hate you!”

“But I love you” he said with all the sincerity he could muster. “If I could take it back I would. You’re the one I want to spend my life with.” He took a step toward her.

“Don’t you dare come any closer! You lied to me!”

“I know.” He took another step.

“I’ll kill you!” Her hand began to shake.

“To die at your hand would be the only answer, for without you life would be empty, hollow, pointless. I love you and I will do anything, everything, to make it up to you. You are my life, and I cannot live without you.”

He reached for her, gently stroking her forearm, letting his fingers find their way to her ear. He took her face in his hand as he leaned in and kissed her passionately, and she responded in kind, letting her tears wet both of their faces.

Then she pulled the trigger.

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