Martin took in his fellow conscripts to see how they were fairing.

Many of them looked sad and forlorn, and dressed like him in simple clothes, fellow farmer’s boys who had the misfortune of being conscripted. There was one young lad at the far end who quietly cried to himself. He thought he should feel sad too, but he was too excited about the new life aheadContinue reading “Martin took in his fellow conscripts to see how they were fairing.”

I thought you had no one of age here.

Barouk looked at Martin, then at the lieutenant, then back to Martin, Then back to the lieutenant. Although his mouth was working, no sound came out. Then he looked at Tessa, who was covering her mouth in shock, her eyes wide. Barouk didn’t know what to say, nor what to do, as they watched MartinContinue reading “I thought you had no one of age here.”

The soldiers, four of them led their horses to the house and stopped.

They wore chain mail hauberks over their dark green tunics, with wide leather belts that held their scabbards for swords and knives, dark green capes with the king’s emblem on them, the shiniest of metal greaves that led to their just as shiny armored boots, and shiny metal gauntlets. They were striking figures, even withoutContinue reading “The soldiers, four of them led their horses to the house and stopped.”

Jeb, what are you going on about…

“The King’s men are coming! They’re looking for, volunteers! No, they’re looking to consrip, conssip, no, cospiric.., dang it, they’re short on troops and they want your boys!” Martin gasped. Barouk stood in stunned silence. By then his wife Tessa heard the commotion and came out of the house. “Barouk” she called. “What’s wrong?” “NothingContinue reading “Jeb, what are you going on about…”

Martin wondered about the world.

He envisioned market squares bustling with people, with sellers offering anything you could imagine. Wool, cotton, silk for the richer folk, meats, buns, duck, rugs, pelts, leather. There would be smoke in the air from the cooks and the smoke shops. Voices would be heard everywhere, either hawkers trying to convince the crowd that theyContinue reading “Martin wondered about the world.”

This story is about another time…

…when wizards and horses walked the land. It’s a something that came to me in a dream, as many of my stories do. And if you’re looking for a happy ending, this ain’t it. It’s a long read, with a sort of twist, if you enjoy perspectives. I guess it’s a cautionary tale. Just cuzContinue reading “This story is about another time…”