Here’s a good story

This happened while I was in NYC. I’m just minding my business at work when a co-worker comes up to me and says he read in the paper how the shuttle Enterprise was coming to the Intrepid Museum on the west side of Manhattan. While it was coming it would do a fly-by over theContinue reading “Here’s a good story”

So is it time for me to define my writing style?

I find that I like to write straight-forwardly (is that a word?), in that I write the way I would speak, or think. I don’t know if that’s a valid style or not, but I like it. I also find I like to write conversations in a screenplay-ish manner, i guess. for example: -We’re goingContinue reading “So is it time for me to define my writing style?”

Clear my head, ooohhhmmm…

Now that I’m back from editing cheerleader pics I gotta clear my head and finish my story. Turns out I’m writing a novel. I say this because recently I found a clip on word counts. My story started as a novella because it was under 50,000 words. Now, after I finished my creative writing courseContinue reading “Clear my head, ooohhhmmm…”