It’s been a while

I know, right? You’d think I’ve been really busy or something. With this quarantine I haven’t gone or done anything, and it’s making me a little buggy. I hope to get back to work soon, which would be something considering the company I work for is filing for bankruptcy. I’m bored to tears, and unsureContinue reading “It’s been a while”

This is harder than I thought!

I mean, writing should be fun, exciting, mysterious, and many other things. Who said it was supposed to be hard? No really, I want to know who said that! I mean, I’m doing this course and it’s got me thinking summaries, point-of-view, characters and development, now I’m writing “what I know”. What the hell!? WellContinue reading “This is harder than I thought!”

Creativity isn’t easy

I know there are people out there that make a living from it. Writers, photographers, musicians, painters, glass makers, potters, cobblers, tailors, just about everyone who puts their personal stamp on anything. Some find creativity in their cupboard, a jar of mystery, a case of suspense, a tin of humor. So here I am tryingContinue reading “Creativity isn’t easy”

So , that coronavirus, am I right?

Remember when I said I was a photographer? Well I had to turn down a job the other day. It was a birthday party in a night club. That’s right, up all night in a night club at the height of coronavirus season. I had to bow out, as many theaters, arenas, schools, parks, andContinue reading “So , that coronavirus, am I right?”