…and I’m still not done.

I don’t know how many of you are photographers, but if you are, and mean commercial photographers, then you know how I feel. When I took those cheerleader photos, I don’t just take one photo and switch to another pose. I take several. This is important, especially when I’m doing groups. In every group there’sContinue reading “…and I’m still not done.”

So I’m really putting some thought into this book I’m writing.

I thought that I would just correct a few things every here and there, but now I’m re-writing some passages to to add meat to it, to fill it out. I thought I’d be done already, but not only am I not, I’m adding stuff, re-working other things, and generally having a good time aboutContinue reading “So I’m really putting some thought into this book I’m writing.”

Ughh, what a day.

So I’m trying to be a writer, focusing and honing my craft. A friend comes by and reminds me I’m also a photographer. I’m like, Duh! And she’s like , “Cool, you can come and take pictures of these gorgeous cheerleaders.” And I’m like, “What? I have more important things to do. I’ve got toContinue reading “Ughh, what a day.”

So now I have to make my characters talk to each other.

What’s up with that? Okay, of course they must converse, to trade feelings, ideas, to get a message across, or have a heart to heart. But it’s like, as you write, you have to remember who’s talking, why would this person say that, how would the other respond. You have to develop multiple personalities insideContinue reading “So now I have to make my characters talk to each other.”

Keeping the momentum going!

I’m still writing, and still adding to this blog, dammit! Sometimes it’s hard as I sit here staring at a blank page, wondering what I should fill it with. Most times I get my best ideas being somewhere other than here. And of course I don’t write it down or record it on my phone,Continue reading “Keeping the momentum going!”

I saw a little boy…

…wander into the street to retrieve his ball. His parents weren’t watching, so he went unfettered, flush with the joy of playing, and concerned that the ball would be lost. A car slowly came to a stop, with plenty of space for the boy to retrieve his ball and run back to his front lawn.Continue reading “I saw a little boy…”

Ok, so this is what I’m doing now.

Well at least while my keyboard still works. While I’m re-editing my book, I’m going to try a few quickies, which are just really short 50 word stories. I do need to keep practicing, and I do need to finish the book. You know what they say, a writer’s work is never done. So justContinue reading “Ok, so this is what I’m doing now.”

What I learned from my creative writing course

I learned to add depth to my writing. Some would think that’s a small thing, but consider this: Gerry entered the room and saw her standing at the bar. He went to her and demanded answers. She laughed in his face. Seems simple enough, right? Now try this: Gerry was angry and needed answers. TheContinue reading “What I learned from my creative writing course”

It’s been a while

I know, right? You’d think I’ve been really busy or something. With this quarantine I haven’t gone or done anything, and it’s making me a little buggy. I hope to get back to work soon, which would be something considering the company I work for is filing for bankruptcy. I’m bored to tears, and unsureContinue reading “It’s been a while”