Interesting stuff

I recently read an article about gentrification that had me thinking deeply. I used to live in Brooklyn, NY, and the gentrification was kind of painful. If it was just the neighborhood being upgraded that would be one thing, But it’s more like it’s being replaced. One of the things I found most painful isContinue reading “Interesting stuff”

You know how you like zombies?

C’mon, who doesn’t like zombies. That whole end-of-the-world thing. Makes you shiver every time, especially when you read those stories about a Florida man eating peoples faces. Oh, you missed that one? Look it up, it’s kinda creepy. Anyway, my tale has a happy ending. Not like Zombieland (great movie by the way. The secondContinue reading “You know how you like zombies?”

So I’m trying something new…

There’s a story in me, but it isn’t fleshed out yet. A problem I had was in describing a house. But not any house. So in doing some research I found a house that looked right, took a picture of it, and wrote about it. You could call this an excerpt to a future story.Continue reading “So I’m trying something new…”

Well, I thought it was perfect…

Still working out some bugs, but that’s what happens when you’re old and all this new technology is thrust on you. Damn, I feel like running outside and yell at the kids “Get off my lawn!” Eh, moving on. Heres a story that seems, although sci-fi, is relatable to some folks. You would think thatContinue reading “Well, I thought it was perfect…”

Alrighty then…

I’ve finally got my blog up to snuff. Well, I think I do, we’ll see what happens in the comments. Given that, here’s my first story. It’s pretty short, and involves a lot of confusion. And some blood. You know what, here’s some balloons to take with you. It’s not that I want to placateContinue reading “Alrighty then…”